Join the panel on menstrual hygiene management from WASH United: THU 26 SEP in Berlin

WASH United is introducing the topic of MHM (Menstrual Hygiene Management) at the Berlin Geekettes hackathon in Mid-October in hopes of inciting new tech solutions to a pressing social issue. To gear up for the big event and connect more local women in tech with the issue, we’re putting together a „fish bowl“ panel and educational exchange with local women in tech and MHM professionals.*Purpose:
The purpose of the gathering is to gain a better understanding of the needs and issue, share personal experiences and existing technological solutions surrounding the topic, and learn from women who are tackling social solutions using technology to explore what is relevant for the field of MHM.

Who will be there?
We are hoping to have 30 participants as relevant to the topic as possible. Confirmed panelists include: Virginia Roaf, UN advisor on WASH, Ina Jurga of WASH United, Maxie Matthiessen of RubyCup, Lisa Lang of Sourcefabric, Denise Philipp of the Berlin Geekettes, and Anna Yukiko Bickenbach, Ecotastic, and Juliane Zelonka of LaraCompanion.

What is a fish bowl panel?
The term comes from a learning/event format that places the topic experts in the center, but also acknowledges everyone can contribute to the conversation. Panelist are seated in the middle of a cluster of chairs and participants are encouraged to enter the conversation, if desired.

*Drinks and light food will be served.

Join us!
Blücherstraße 22, 10961 Berlin, Germany

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