When a good idea meets the right people, I think it can only go well!

Christopher Isak is the next investor of our crowdinvesting campaign who we are introducing to you today and who is telling us, why he invested in LARAcompanion. Christopher is always looking for cool technology trends to feature on his online platform TechAcute.Com or through his social media activities. He has been in touch with part of our team for a while now. Today he lets us know why he is convinced that LARAcompanion will succeed.

Please introduce yourself.

Hi everyone. I am Christopher Isak, founder of the blog TechAcute.com, passionate venture capitalist and start-up supporter since 2011. I also have a day-job in which I support large enterprises with their collaboration technologies.

Why did you invest in LARAcompanion?

I invested in LARAcompanion because I was fascinated by the mission statement to help with a human problem that could potentially impact every couple out there, which wants to have a baby. I think the objectives here are not based on a technological trend, even though the solutions are partially delivered by technology, but more on supporting people with a really bad problem that affects their relationship and life.

What do you like most about LARAcompanion?

About LARAcompanion I like that medical expertise has been combined with technical skill and excellent entrepreneurship. They are developing their solution focused on the users and their well-being. They are not preparing a generic path to work with the average person but they work responsibly with data and provide personalised help through their solution, that I consider to be on the same level with what a doctor could provide in combination with a medical lab.

Describe your experience with our crowdfunding platform so far.

The processing on the aescuvest platform was easy and fun to do. In only a few clicks you are registered and can then review the stats and facts in detail. There are no nebulous things that you would feel creeped out about either. If you have a question you can leverage a Q&A feature and one of the team will be in touch with you, replying on any question you enter. I personally had no further questions though because the LARAcompanion team was very diligent in documenting their business plan and findings.

Based on which criteria do you decide to invest into a project?

Next to the facts and numbers in the business plan I also verify the likelihood of the start-up to succeed. I also need to have the right gut feeling about the venture and its mission statement. I would not support a company that builds products that I don’t believe in, or produces in an unethical or environmentally unfriendly way.

Why do you think the founders of LARAcompanion will succeed with their venture?

I think they spotted a segment that is not yet very saturated. There is no direct competition that offers services, which could be compared to LARAcompanion and they have a good strategy on top of that. When a good idea meets the right people, I think it can only go well.

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